Canoeing Trip to Oulanka National Park

Safe, guided canoeing in the natural beauty of lappish nature. This and much more is canoe trip to Oulanka National Park

Trip start from the Reindeer par´s main building where you will get appropriate gear for canoeing. Everyone will ger life vests, water-proof bag and rain coat, if needed.

From the Reindeer park you will drive with your own car, after our guide to Savilampi about 45 km, where the journey continues by 1,2 km walk to the canoes.

After the canoes are set on the water, our guide will lead you through techniques and safety things. From Savilampi we start our way to Oulanka river.

Calm Oulanka river is nice and easy to paddle. On the way you have plenty of time to enjoy the nature of Oulanka Nature park. Wild cliffs and green banks of Oulanka canyon.

About half the way we will stop at the Taivalköngäs falls. Guide will prepare lunch by an open fire and serve you black pot coffee, juice and bun. And of course you can grill a sausage as well.

All in all trip includes about 8 km of canoeing and 3 km of walking. This is unique opportunity to see Oulanka National Park and Oulanka canyon from a tatally different kind of view.

Time: 1.6. - 30.9.
Price: 99 €
Duration: 6 h
Languages: English, Finnish,
Includes: Meals, equipments during the trip, Guiding,