Reindeer Race

Would you like to feel the heat of the reindeer race and drive our ”Formula 1 reindeer” on a racing track? Or just try the sport with a bit slower reindeer. Or maybe come as a spectator and enjoy the atmosphere.

Reindeer race is traditional and popular sport in Lapland. The first reindeer race was organized in early 1950’s and nowadays it is the highlight of many reindeer owners’ year. The world record in this sport is 1min. 13sec. on 1 kilometer track. That gives the average speed of 50km/h

In Salla Reindeer Park the competition is organized on a circular track. Every adult will have several rounds on the track and alternately compete for the fastest time. First you can drive with a bit slower reindeer and get used to the sport. After time trials you can have a go with a real racing reindeer.

When racing you will be on downhill skis behind the reindeer. You will hold on to two ropes: the other one is for reindeer to pull you and the other one is for you to give the reindeer a bit more speed and control it.


Time: 1.1. - 15.4.
Price: 50 €
Duration: 2-3h
Min/Max: 4/20
Price includes: Guided reindeer race with skis, equipment, picnic