Husky Safari

On our Husky Safari you will feel like the hero of the wilderness. Enjoy the untouched wilderness and feel the speed of the huskies.

Before the safari our guide will give you a driving lesson and tell you how to handle the sleigh. In every sleigh there is one place for passenger and driver is behind the sleigh. Passenger and driver will change places half a way so everyne gets a chance to drive.

On the safari you will get to drive a team of dogs across varying Lappish terrain. Along the way we take care of you and serve some hot drinks and sweet buns. You can also grill a sausage by an open fire.

If you want to have a real break from everyday worries you should have a day trip. There will be more driving, more time to enjoy and our guide will prepare a proper lunch in the wilderness.


Time: 1.12. - 30.4.
Price: 112 €/person/2h  or   266 €/person/6h, ages 4 to 13 -50%
Duration: 2h or 6h
Min/ Max: 4/20
Price includes: Guided husky ride, picnic and a Husky Drivers Licence

Updated 1.11.2017