One-day Reindeer Safari

We will start our trip from the main building, where we will first check that your shoes and clothes are suited for the wintry ride. If necessary, we will lend you a thermo overall, shoes and gloves.

Before the safari our guide will give you a driving lesson and tell you how to handle the reindeer. After the lesson you will get your own reindeer and drive it yourself behind our guide. Driving a reindeer and sleigh is quite simple and very relaxing way to move in the wintery forest.

On our way we will make stops. You get to feed the female and calf reindeer. There's also longer stop at traditional Kota, where our guide will prepare delicious lunch. During the trip you can also try your skills with Lappish lasso, called suopunki. If everything goes well, you might even have a chance to get your reindeer drivers licence.

Before or after the safari our guide will also show you a "Reindeer's year" diashow and tell you about the reindeer and reindeer herding.



Ajankohta: 19.12. - 30.4.
Hinta: 183€, children from 4 to 13years -50%
Kesto: 5-6h
Min/Max: 4/20
Hintaan sisältyy: Guided reindeer safari, lunch