Day tour into the wilderness


Day tour into the wilderness

Would you like to know how to survive in the wilderness? How to navigate and make a fire? How to cook your meal by an open fire or build a shelter?

Our local guides were raised in the wilderness and they sure know how to teach you all this.

Our survival training starts from the Reindeer Park. Everyone will get a small backpack with some essential gear. Reading a map and planning a route is your first task. Then we head in the woods.

Along the way we practice different kind of survival skills like using an axe and a knife. Fixing a fire and making an emergency shelter are also very important skills. Cooking by an open fire makes your hike a lot nicer and by building your own fishing tackle you might just catch some fresh food as well.

After the five hour guided part, when you have the basic skills of surviving, you can choose to stay in Tuohenlusikka wilderness cabin by yourself. Heat up a traditional sauna and jump in Tuohenlusikka lake or just enjoy the warmth of the traditional log hut.


1.6. - 30.9.


69€, children from 4 to 13 years -50%, night at Tuohenlusikan wilderness cabin +20€/person